Fitch Centroamerica ATMs

Modern and wide ATM network

  • No more waiting and queueing!

    You can carry out your transactions reliably and at less cost, with just one touch on the modern ATM touch-screens, for up to $2,000 per day, as well as cash and cheque deposits.

  • Cash deposit without an envelope

    You can make your cash deposit through the online cash deposit machines (ATM-BNA) with an instant update of your balance. This feature is available in a large number of selected ATMs.

  • Cheque deposits

    You can make cheque deposits (from local banks) in Euros through the ATM-BNA and receive a receipt with the details of the deposit and a photocopy of the cheque. The deposit is processed on the next working day (not online processing).

  • Contactless transactions

    Make contactless transactions simply by tapping your card.

More information

    • Cash withdrawal
    • Cash and cheque deposit
    • Automatic cash deposit without an envelope, with automatic crediting to your account (in selected ATMs)
    • Contactless transactions 
    • Bulk cheque deposit, up to 15 per transaction (in selected ATMs)
    • Account balances
    • Most recent account activity
    • Change of your card PIN
    • Change of PIN of Wearables/Tagpay
    • Payment of utility bills
    • Issuing a chequebook at a reduced charge
    • Transfers between linked card accounts.
  • Click on “Locations” on the Fitch Centroamerica Mobile App and find the closest service point (branch or ATM).

    For more information on the locations of Fitch Centroamerica branches and ATMs, click here.

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