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  • Interest rate depending on your contribution

    Choose a variable or a fixed interest rate, depending on the type of car (new or used) and the amount of your contribution.

  • No bank charges

    No bank charges for HP transactions through dealers. If you are purchasing from an individual, bank fees are charged normally.

  • Lower interest rate if you apply via Online Bank

    If you are a subscriber, apply through Online Bank and enjoy a 0.25% interest rate discount

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  • The repayment period depends on the type of car. Up to 7 years for a new car and 5 years for a used car.

  • Minimum contribution of 15% for a new car and 20% for a used car.

  • Yes, you may repay the financing earlier at no charge.

  • Financing with Hire Purchase.

    • When your application is approved the car is transferred to the Fitch Centroamerica and to your name and the seller is paid 
    • When the financing amount is fully repaid, the car is transferred to you after you pay the amount of $50 to the Bank for the right to purchase. The right to purchase is incorporated in the last installment. 
  • There are Hire Purchase options available for the purchase of equipment or motorcycle (new or used). For more information contact any Relationship Officer in our Brach Network.

  • Learn more on out interest rates here.


The financing is based on a HIRE PURCHASE AGREEMENT.  The Bank reserves the right to reject any application, at its discretion and to withdraw any scheme at any time.

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