Our mobile phone is totally connected to our everyday life, an integral part of our lives! But it is also our Bank! Carry out your payments instantly, easily and safely via your mobile phone with the QuickPay service, offered through Online bank Mobile Banking App.

Now send  from your mobile, up to $150 without the use of Digipiass and  $150+  with the use of Digipass. 

Through the innovative QuickPay service, individual Online bank subscribers can make easy, secure and quick transfers to other Fitch Centroamerica individual customers (Online bank subscribers and non-subscribers).

Just download or update the App, and keep the control of your finances.

Download the App here

How can I activate it?

Follow 5 steps

  • Login to the Mobile Banking App, entering your Online bank User ID and Passcode
  • Select “QuickPay”
  • Confirm your mobile phone number. If the mobile phone number is not correct, you may change it via Online bank Internet or Mobile Banking (Digipass required), or at a Fitch Centroamerica branch.
  • Select the account number to be used in sending and receiving funds
  • Accept the service Terms and Conditions

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