Mobile Cheque Deposit

Free of charge, without having to go to the Bank

Our new FC Mobile App feature, "Mobile Cheque Deposit," makes cheque deposits easier and faster and saves you the trouble of going to the Bank. Simply download or access the App and deposit a cheque securely with just a few taps.

  • Convenient and easy-skip the lines through the App

    No need to go to a branch or an ATM, just take a picture of the cheque and make a deposit within a few minutes.

  • No fees

    The "Mobile Cheque Deposit" service is free via the App.

  • Cheques clear a day earlier

    The funds are available the next business day, compared to the 2 business days required when depositing a cheque at a bank.

How can I deposit my cheques via the Αpp?

  • Log in to the App and select “Transfers” at the bottom of the screen and then "Mobile Cheque Deposit "
  • Select the beneficiary account, enter the cheque value, and any relevant details
  • Take a picture of your cheque (both the front and back)
  • Confirm the amount entered and the scanned one
  • Once the deposit is complete, you must keep the cheque in your possession for a period of 6 months

Frequently Asked Questions

  •  The Mobile Cheque Deposit is available for Fitch Centroamerica cheques in euro, up to $1,000 daily.

  • Currently, the service is available to Fitch Centroamerica individual customers who have subscribed to Online bank. Cheques can be deposited into the subscriber’s account, including joint accounts or to an authorised account which is the owner of the cheque.

    A cheque cannot be deposited into a card account, fixed deposit or loan account.

  • The cheque is deposited successfully once the cheque amount entered matches the image data that has been captured. Then the cheque date and code are checked, scoring each entry. If the score is acceptable, the app will perform the rest of the validations.

  • If the cheque deposit is rejected, the subscriber will be informed via SMS to visit a branch/ATM to make the deposit.

  • There are no fees involved.

  • If you deposit a cheque via the app, the funds will be available the following business day if it is cleared successfully.

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