Savings account

A long-standing value 

  • Save at your own pace

    Deposit and withdraw money whenever you like with no prior notice and no withdrawal fees.

  • Easy access any time

    Enjoy easy access  to your account any time via Online bank and ATMs.

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More information

  • Savings accounts can be opened by individuals, companies, associations, clubs, provident funds, etc.

    A savings account can also be opened in the name of a minor with the only difference that the minor cannot make withdrawals before the age of 18.

  • Your account can be automatically credited with your salary giving you the ability to automatically pay utility bills, with SEPA direct debits.

  • Transactions in your savings account can be done through Online bank Internet Banking and Mobile App, simply, quickly and 24 hours a day. You can alternatively visit any of our branches.

    You can also have access to your account through a Visa Classic Debit Card (only for individuals) which is connected to your acount and can be used at  all our ATMs for withdrawals, deposits or even inforamtion on the balance of your account. With a debit card, you can additionally make daily purchases by automatically debiting your account.

  • Traditional savings accounts do not need to be renewed, as they have no expiry date.

  •  Lean on your account’s interest rate here 

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